I sometimes wonder at the necessity of Fathers Day, or Mothers Day for that matter. Now now, please don’t shoot me you avid supporters. I just think that retailers, big business have sold a concept to us, and like suckers we give them our money.


Yes, fathers are important. In my family, dad is a very special person. Firstly, he’s the only boy in the house. He doesn’t love pink and purple with all his heart, he brings a special kind of security to his girls and he loves them to bits, plus he always shops for pretty princess things.


Granted, this should be celebrated. He should be made to feel special. But in truth, my girls do this all the time. On many days they run screaming “DADA” into his arms, when he arrives home from work. He always has precious artworks made especially for him. He always gets invitations to dance – which man doesn’t want that kind of attention from a sweet smiling girl.


My girls give Sean love and attention daily.  And shouldn’t they? After all, he didn’t become a father the night before Fathers Day.


And yet, we keep Fathers Day in our house. I think we’ve done it because its the staple Sean and I have been raised on. Maybe we’ll stop when the kids are old enough to understand and agree that their home made gifts are more special than shop bought ones. And their shows of affection are more appreciated if given throughout the year.

2 thoughts on “FATHERS DAY ???”

  1. For some odd reason I always forget Father’s Day but i hope my children will remember it because I plan to be the best father in the whole wide world. I suppose the reason why it has been meaningless to me over the years is the fact that I never really had anyone to celebrate Father’s Day with. What you and Sean have implanted into the kids is amazing and I do not think it will ever leave your house because when the children are older they would like to relive some of those memories you have made with them and unfortunately as it may be, they will also fall victims of retailers and big business. Great blog.

    1. Thanks Khutjo. For some reason I only saw this comment now. Thanks for your kind words. Yip its most likely that our kids will fall victim to big business
      both mine and (given your praise worthy plans) yours to come.

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