Has anyone seen Sing? Rosita the piggy mommy gives me courage. Buried in heaps of work she still manages to pursue her dreams.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be that super duper women or rather that super singing pig. Chasing her dreams while still managing and juggling motherhood.

I’ve been there, pushing a career and raising kids. It isn’t easy. Working moms almost always feel a tinge of jealousy or sadness when they see the “at homes” do something their lifestyles prohibits them from doing. But I get the working moms – the ones who can’t quit work because they need the money and the others because they love what they do. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. Neither of these 2 women are less worthy than the “at homes”, of the title: “MOTHER”. Working a job doesn’t add up to less love.

My mum worked. Yet I never felt like she was not there. On the contrary her devotion was tangible. It still is today.

So though we may not be able to build a clothes drying and dish washing contraption – we can do what our capacity allows us. We don’t have to feel guilty about working when our kids know we love them.